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News about Oscar Peterson


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On 30 June 2010 the Oscar Peterson Sculpture was unveiled in its permanent home at Canada’s National Arts Centre in Ottawa. The statue resides at what is now known as “Oscar’s Corner,” the corner of Elgin and Albert Streets. This life-sized tribute to Mr. Peterson was commissioned by the Oscar Peterson Sculpture National Committee and the National Arts Centre, and was sculpted by Ruth Abernethy.

In its dedication of the statue, the National Arts Centre stated:
“With this sculpture, Canada’s National Arts Centre proudly commemorates the masterful contribution of Oscar Peterson made during his sixty-five year career as a musician, recording artist, composer and mentor.”

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II unveiled the statue, in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Mr. Peterson’s widow Kelly, their daughter Céline, and sculptor Ruth Abernethy, as well as members of the Oscar Peterson Sculpture National Committee, other members of the Peterson family, distinguished guests and an admiring public.

Following are some remarks by Céline Peterson about the event and its significance to her, and some photos of the work in progress. We will post photos of the sculpture and the unveiling ceremony soon.

Céline's words:

My entire life so far has been an experience unlike any other. I had a childhood that was one in a million. It has truly been a privilege for me to have had the people around me that I do, and of course to have the father that I was blessed with. Ever since his passing, I have been made very much aware of the fact that he was not just my Dad, but he was a music legend. To me, he was always just Dad, and his life and work was his music and performing. I have since been able to realize that he influenced way more people than just me, and in more ways than one. Having this statue is a spectacular way to remember him both as the amazing human being that he was, and the immeasurable musical genius that he was.

One of the most important things in my life, was always knowing that my Dad was happy. He was happy when he was spending time with his family. He was happy when he was taking pictures and learning about his cameras and expanding his knowledge on photography. He was happy when he was relaxing in Barbados or fishing at the cottage. However - he was always happiest when he was playing piano. It was his heaven, his comfort, and his way to express emotion. It truly warms my heart to know that he will forever be immortalized with the one thing that would always make him happy, no matter what.


Below is a video about the making of the statue: